Royal Delft

Royal Delft or Delftware is tin-glazed earthenware. It was first made in the early 17th century in the canal city of Delft in The Netherlands. It was these Dutch potters that would later bring the art of tin glazing to England.

I visited the Royal Delft factory and museum in December 2012, and I highly recommend it. For peek into how Royal Delft is made and some places in The Netherlands where you can purchase antique Delft, take a look at our Royal Delft Pinterest board.

Today, antique Royal Delft, in all its varied forms, is highly collectable. Think vases, urns, plates, the Tulip vase in its many shapes and sizes, and tiles.

Royal Delft is best known for the iconic blue and white design, but they do produce other colours and many different motifs.


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